ELBHAVN is a new German leather artisan brand focused on high-quality leather products and time-honored craftsmanship.

The brand identity is linked to a vision: we strongly believe that our dedication to craftsmanship sets us apart from the rest. We specialize in the slow-made handcrafted production of leather goods and accessories from high-quality materials that we ethically source and take pride in. That is why we are capable of crafting a wide variety of products with promising quality, transparently documenting for the conscious owner.

Our Ambition?

To create an honest and artisanal leather brand that draws on both classic and modern methods of crafting. Our visual identity is the approach that embraces these values. Here, we’d like to expand on some of the elements of our new brand.

Our Brand Logo

Keeping our logo minimal and clear was our top priority. The word mark is set in a classic grotesque (sans-serif) typeface and the ELBHAVN logo is modified to be clearly legible in sizes from a small embossing, to a large store sign.

"We stick to the most beautiful city in the north of Germany, Hamburg, and show our starting point of a Nordic brand. We started here with inspiration from the port city and it is a big part of our brand through design, architecture and lifestyle visuals.”

On applications the word mark is visible mostly as an embossing, such as our packaging shipping bag and the certification card, that prevents unnecessary print. Especially printing, only the essential information is applied (with water-based ink) and the brand experience is designed in the form of blind embossing. This is a small and yet conscious action, is our contribution to focus on the essentials.